Back in July 2013 I was persuaded to sign-up for a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa by Mark Squires. At the time it seemed a great idea especially sitting in the Barbados sun relaxing on holiday. Once we were back from holiday we went ahead and signed up for the Feb 2015 trek with Dream Challenges



The trek to the summit will be via the quieter Lemosho Route, which should allow time for us to  acclimatise to the high altitude. It is led by experienced mountain guides that will lead us through the Lemosho Glades and up through pristine rainforest full of exotic flora and fauna. Ascending further sees the scenery change to barren lunar type landscapes as you trek across the Shira Plateau. The route will take us via the southern flank of the mountain on the Barranco Wall. Summiting Uhuru Peak is achieved after trekking across scree and boulder strewn slopes and ice covered glacial landscapes. More details can be found in the attached brochure.

Mount Kilimanjaro 2015

Now the important piece, we have decided to raise some money for the



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